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We believe that performing arts have the power to
inspire hope and joy.

At INSPIRE Theatre, we've created a home for the performing arts that values who you are and who you want to become – and we do so in a family-friendly environment. The world is full of provocative media. This media bombards you with messages that you’re not enough. It tells you that you need to change just for the sake of change, and that wholesome entertainment has no place in the modern world. But we are different. Our mission is to inspire minds, heal hearts, and revitalize the human spirit through the power of masterful theatre. 

The Life-Changing Moment that Started Our Journey

In 2006, Michael Sacket found himself sitting cross-legged on the cool, tiled floor of an orphanage in Korea. In his lap sat a small girl. Her bucked-tooth grin and pigtails were not much different from the other children he’d grown up with in the United States, but the life and opportunities ahead of her certainly were. In the dimly-lit room, Michael’s eyes traced over the walls, taking in the faded paint and the worn furniture, realizing how different his own childhood had been.

He felt a sudden sense of responsibility weigh heavily on his chest. He wanted to make a difference in this child's life, to offer her some comfort and support. At that moment, he had been given a gift – the chance to truly understand how much he had to share, and his responsibility to make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

Michael was in Korea with a traveling performance group. The group didn’t represent wealthy donors or arrive with all the comforts of life, they simply inspired hope through music.

The Birth of INSPIRE Entertainment

The memory of this moment would continue to encourage him to give back and make a difference in the world, one small step at a time. Eventually, the impact of this child gave him the motivation and courage he needed to leave corporate America and begin several endeavors to inspire others both abroad and in his own community.

Michael began by founding a chorus group which grew into a Youth Vocal Performance Company which grew into INSPIRE Entertainment. This organization serves to mold individuals into their best selves through the power of the performing arts. Its year-over-year growth reflects our community’s value of personal development and creativity in a wholesome, safe, and emotionally-supportive environment. INSPIRE Entertainment shares performing arts with you through classes, performance opportunities, and even a preschool!

Going International with INSPIRE Music Service Hope

Like Michael’s performance group in Korea many years ago, he also founded a group that can bring hope and inspiration to more remote communities throughout the world – blessing the lives of both the performers and the audience. In 2016, Michael led his first International Service Tour to Bogota, Colombia to inspire and offer hope through music. You can apply to join us for your own life-changing musical experience!

Building the INSPIRE Performing Arts Center

While both of these efforts honor the memory of Michael’s life-changing moment, they are only the beginning of his efforts to bless lives around him through the performing arts.

In 2020, Michael began his biggest journey yet. He is in the process of creating a home for high-quality performing arts in Arizona. The concept of the INSPIRE Performing Arts Center (PAC) is underway, and the building itself should be ready to lift spirits and inspire goodness in the community within a few short years. We dream of the day when both the actor and the viewer will leave our theater “changed for the better.”

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Until we can call the PAC our home, INSPIRE Theatre performs at various locations, including Combs Performing Arts Center.

While the PAC works to gain funding and support, Michael is establishing the theatre community that will thrive in such a beautiful building.

INSPIRE Theatre is an opportunity to discover the world and yourself in a safe, uplifting environment. With acting opportunities that focus on the success and wholeness of the actor and not the success and pressures of an acting career, this theatre invites people to participate in the magic of the stage to develop creativity, confidence, and community. Families can come together to watch shows with the trust that all content will be family-friendly and inspire personal growth and goodness.

Join us at INSPIRE Theatre today and embrace the invitation to leave the theater a better version of yourself. Go inspire hope.

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Inspire minds, heal hearts and revitalize the human spirit through the power of masterful theatre.